Due to Diddy’s swerves and spins in the sky, Daisy held on even tighter. She usually wasn’t nervous about things like this, but she couldn’t fall! Out here in the jungle, anything could happen to them if they were to crash into the trees and become lost. Whereas, at a party, they could fall and be caught up nearby Lakitus and be saved.

“D-Diddy! You better watch where we’re going!”

Daisy didn’t mean to snap at the monkey, but what was there to do? If she didn’t, he could’ve gotten carefree and drop the both of them! Though, after some thought, she really didn’t think so.

She squeezed her eyes shut and let her legs flail around. She just wanted to kick one of her legs up and touch the safe ground that she was walking on moments before. When Diddy said that they were close, she popped open an eye, and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the candy cane lighthouse.

Once they were close enough, Daisy hopped right out of his arms and onto the ground of the cove. Oh the ground! Oh how she missed it! Soon enough, she was back to her bubbly self. Turning, her eyes sparkled at the sight of the lighthouse. It reminded her of home. “Oh, Diddy, it’s so wonderful here! I really love the lighthouse! It reminds me of the one back home.”


One back home, eh? Oh yeah, I remember that!

(Diddy beamed with nostalgia as he reflected on that grand adventure to Sarasaland a few months back. He remembered playing that one video game with Daisy and cruising around her resort. And of course, all those shells and banana peels to boot.)

Hehe, good times, good times.

(And speaking of good times, Diddy got a good look of Timber’s Island, remembering how it was those many years ago. Nothing much has changed, other than a few palm trees and bushes growing here and there. Alas, it isn’t complete without the carefree laughter of his friends, whom he has grown to miss. At least meeting Banjo, Conker, and Captain Krunch was enough to make him happier.)

Anyways, there’s the beauty right now! In full bloom! In full fantastic…err…fantasticness!


(Diddy scurried over to the blue door of the lighthouse, knocked on it a few times, and figured out that it was open.)

Alright! We’re in!